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If you’ve been living with persistent jaw pain, ear pain and headaches, you could have TMJ – temporomandibular jaw disorder. TMJ can often be traced back to an improper bite, misaligned jaw joints, or an injury to the jaw or face. TMJ treatment from a dentist can relieve the discomfort.

Although TMJ treatment varies from patient to patient, it typically involves one or several dental procedures, including the use of an orthotic splint, enamel reshaping, dental crowns, dental braces, Botox treatment or night guards. The goal of TMJ treatment is to stabilize your bite so that your teeth, jaw muscles and jaw joints work properly together without strain – and without pain!

Get an Accurate Diagnosis

In our office Dr. Haroonian does a comprehensive assessment of your jaw to diagnose the jaw disorder. In some cases we would use a CT scan to determine the health of the tissue around TMJ. Symptoms of TMJ include:

  • Problems with jaw motion, caused by muscle issues
  • Pain and throbbing at the jaw joint
  • Difficulties with the jaw itself

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, be sure to call our office and let us know. With a little intervention, your discomfort can quickly ease. Ultimately, your treatment will depend upon an accurate diagnosis of the underlying cause of your TMJ. A conservative approach is often best, since most TMJ issues resolve with time. For more severe cases of TMJ or in instances where the symptoms worsen, instead of improving, more aggressive treatments may be recommended.

Don’t endure TMJ discomfort when relief is just a phone call away. Contact our office today to schedule your same-day appointment.


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