Teeth Grinding Treatment

BOTOX® For Teeth Grinding Treatment

BOTOX® Solution for Teeth Grinding in Newport Beach

Bruxisim also known as teeth Grinding and clenching is the most common of TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) disorder. It is an involuntary action which usually happens during sleep.

Some of the Signs and Symptoms of grinding are:

• Tension head ache / ear ache
• Worn teeth / chipped and cracked teeth
• Jaw pain
• Gum receding / Gum line sensitivity
• Shorter teeth

BOTOX® is FDA approved for use in the muscles of head and neck to treat Bruxisim. It relaxes the jaw muscles by reducing the tension of jaw muscles without losing the normal function of the muscles.

How the Procedure is done?

First we clean your face skin and Dr. Haroonian will inject Botox inside different muscles in the head and neck. The total general dental treatment takes about 5 minutes. Post-operative instruction will be given to you by Dr. Haroonian and we will bring you for follow up visits.

Results form  BOTOX® starts about two or three days after and can last up to four month.

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