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Do minor imperfections detract from your beautiful smile? Dr. Haroonian can help with composite dental bonding, to instantly enhance your appearance with this cosmetic dental treatment. Using a material that’s similar to what we use for white fillings, dental bonding adheres to the microscopic pores in your tooth enamel. With just a little gentle etching, your tooth is prepped and your cosmetic treatment can be applied. A special bright light is used to cure the bonding material, securely fusing it to your tooth.

Easy Solution for Chipped, Stained or Gapped Teeth

Cosmetic dental bonding is a versatile and affordable way to improve the appearance of chipped teeth, stained teeth and gapped teeth. As one of the most conservative cosmetic dentistry treatments around, cosmetic dental bonding requires little to no prepping and preserves most of the natural tooth structure. And it’s fast, too! Dental bonding usually takes just one visit to complete.

Your bonding treatment is completed with tooth-colored material, customized to match your natural teeth.  We can then artistically sculpt and recreated your teeth to…

  • Hide pitted areas
  • Cover stubborn dental stains
  • Hide gaps in your smile
  • Create a more balanced tooth shape
  • Correct the appearance of mild gum recession

With no recovery time, no discomfort and little expense, it’s one of the most popular and affordable ways to enjoy a smile makeover. You might be surprised by the difference a confident smile can make to your quality of life.

If you’re ready to have the smile you deserve, contact The Newport Beach Dentist today to schedule your same-day consultation! Your smile will thank you for years to come!


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